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Features of Internet Advertising

  • Whole world is experiencing phenomenal growth of internet users accessing the information right on their desktop.
  • In recent studies nearly 85 percent users belong to the age group of 15-25 years and a majority of them are students who use it for obtaining diverse kinds of information. India is witnessing education related activities are already taking a major leap forward. It has opened up the fastest way of communication and has also become one of the economical media for reaching out to people.
  • Educational Institutes, Universities and consultancy providers need to reach a particular students society or target groups who re seeking professional enhancements for programs and initiatives undertaken by them.
  • Student in India look for information on Internet also. He will use it as an important tool for getting the desired information.
  • Internet accessing information has now become highly effective tool in comparison to print media. The print media has lots of limitations as compared to a medium like the Internet.

Some of the advantages of advertising on internet are :

  1. Cost effectiveness in comparison to other media
  2. 24 hours visibility and connectivity globally
  3. One stop information shop for students
  4. Comprehensive information available at click of a mouse button
  5. Possible interactivity
  6. Faster feedback
  7. Global presence


Banner advertisement is the most popular ad options that brings maximum milage
for the advertisers.

468 x 60 Pixels -
(20 kb max.)


728 x 90 Pixels -
(20 kb max.)


120 x 60 Pixels -
(10 kb max.)


Pixels -
(20 kb max.)

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