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Virology - As a career

Some career possibilities
With a degree in virology it is possible to pursue a career within the medical field as a virologist, a laboratory technician or within a research capacity. Other areas of employment may be found in the pharmaceutical, agricultural or food industries. Postgraduate research is available in virology-related areas such as diagnostic virology, molecular medicine, epidemiology of viruses and gene therapy.

The beginnings of virology are thought to be as a result of a Russian botanist who discovered that disease in tobacco plants could transfer to other plants. This led to debates over how viruses spread from person to person, plant to plant and animal to animal. Virology today is considered to be a branch of microbiology and pathology and it is possible to take virology as a module in these courses. There are some courses dedicated to virology. The kind of modules that you may study are listed below, but you will need to check with the institutions themselves for up-to-date module information.

Example areas of study
Gene expression
Molecular biology
Microbial pathogenicity
Host defence mechanisms
Infectious diseases
Virus host interactions
Membranes and signalling
Viral pathogenesis
Antibiotics and their effects
Environmental health
Infection and immunity
Virus replications


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