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Centre For Hospital Human Resource Development, Pune

IInd Flr., Daulat Buldg.,963, Nana Peth, Opp to Ahura Builders, Ardeshir Bag, Ma Parviz Road , Nana Peth,,  Pune , Maharashtra - 411002

PHONE No.: 020-26333957


Diploma Courses
Diploma in Wards Management
Diploma in Operation Theatre Management
Diploma in Critical Care Areas Management
Diploma in Operations Management
Diploma in Quality assurance
Diploma in Hospital management

Foundation Courses
Foundation Course in Healthcare Assistant [General]
Foundation Course in Healthcare Assistant [Dental]
Foundation Course in Multipurpose Health Worker
Foundation Course in Front Office Services

Certification Courses
Certificate Course in Healthcare assistant[Operation Theatre]
Certificate Course in Healthcare assistant[Intensive care Unit]
Certificate Course in Healthcare assistant[Cardiac care Unit]
Certificate Course in Healthcare assistant[Quality assurance]
Certificate Course in Healthcare assistant[Infection Control]
Certificate Course in Healthcare assistant[House Keeping]


Centre for Hospital Human Resource Development is a training initiative for health care staff in hospitals. It is a learning center which will allow for learning of health care skill sets, enhancing experience into qualification and continued lifelong learning. We aim to create, convert and sustain individuals as qualified health care providers.

It came about due to a strong need of trained Health Care staff at the ground & middle level. The primary objective of the centre is to create a cadre of trained technicians & Health Care assistants; executives & managers who can assist in patient care.

Today the Indian Health Care industry employs a lot of young individuals who are qualified with their credentials but lack in required skill set and other group not qualified to work as Health Care staff. They learn on the job and then spend years without a proper career graph or monetary incentives .We aim to extend better opportunities to such individuals.

As the concept of patient care and service quality evolves in our country, there is going to be a greater stress on the need for trained and qualified Health Care staff. We would like to bridge this gap and we sincerely believe “Better Training Better Healthcare”

The training programs are going to be unique as we will provide in-depth knowledge as well as extensive practical training. Individuals will be trained in various Technical, administrative & managerial areas.

The common element of Patient Safety, Ethics, and Service Quality will be imbibed into each and every individual irrespective of their vocation. For this purpose we have a team of faculty for whom Health Care and Health Care Training is an important issue. Through our common interest and individual skill sets we are sure that together we will be able to build a centre of excellence in Health Care Training.

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