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NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata

124 B L Saha Road,  Kolkata , West Bengal - 700053

PHONE No.: 033 224032300, 224032301

EMAIL: [email protected]




B. Pharmacy, B. Optom, BBA (HM), M. Optom, M. Pharmacy (Cology),
M. Pharmacy (Cuetics), Masters in Public Health

B.Sc. (Behavioral Science & Applied Psychology), M.Sc. (Clinical Psychology),
M.Sc. (Dietetics and Nutrition), B.Sc. (Fashion Design & Management),
B.Sc. (Media Science), B.Sc. (Multimedia, Animation & Graphics),
M.Sc. (Digital Films), M.Sc. (Fashion), M.Sc. (Media Science),
M.Sc. (Visual Communication), B.Sc (Interior Design)

BBA, BBA (Global Business), BBA (Sports Management),
BBA (Supply Chain Management), MBA, MBA (PT), PGDM, MHA

B. Sc. (Gaming & Mobile Application), BCA, M.Sc. (Data Science)
M.Sc. (Information & Cyber Security), M.Sc.(Computer Science)
M.Sc.(Human Computing & AI), B.Sc. (Culinary Science)
Bachelor in Hotel Management, BTTM, M.Sc. (Hospitality Management)


NSHM Knowledge Campus is all about experiential learning and building an ever-expanding knowledge base involving knowledge partners and communities. NSHM is where information and ideas flow freely in an open and friendly atmosphere – a “Knowledge Hub of Global Excellence” in which students learn, share, shine and have fun.

Our vision is to set up a knowledge hub where careers follow students and not the other way round.
NSHM leverages the best that enables academic institutions to deliver new and more engaging models of knowledge management across campuses thereby creating a new, vibrant and futuristic learning environment.

The results include increased student engagement, improved faculty productivity, innovations powering new models of learning, enhanced online learning, expanding alumni outreach and great career opportunities. NSHM has exceptional faculties and continuously invests in their growth and development as well.

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Visitors: [3407]
Updated on: [December 02, 2019]

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